6 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why Couples Eventually Start to Look-Alike

You have maybe seen that a common connection between how many years a couple has been together and how much they are alike. Any couple has several things in common, and some even have the same facial features. However, there are couples who appear to be brothers and sisters.

We also noticed that trend and decided to realize what scientists consider this interesting phenomenon. Who knows? Probably there is somebody out there for everybody. At the end of the article, a heartwarming bonus will show that true love can never be forgotten. Checkout https://www.corkmovementcentre.com/7-tips-for-preventing-online-dating-burnout/ for preventing online dating burnout.

1) Resembling Our Parents

They say a man tends to marry his mother. His wife is more likely to share some close similarities with his mother, not only inhabit but also in appearance. A group of scientists proves that we select couples who look like us as well as like our opposite-sex parents. The most important factors here are the color of hair and eyes as well as the age of our parents. You will seek a lover who is older than you if your parents were not young when they had you.

2) Number of Years We Spent Together

 An American social psychologist – Robert Zanjonc compared photographs of many couples on their wedding day with those taken 25 years later. Their study showed that though a husband and wife had no facial similarities, they looked surprisingly similar about 25 years later. Another interesting fact from their survey: The more married cheerfulness a couple reported, the greater their raise in facial similarity.

3) Sharing Experiences

One more reason to finally begin to look alike is to share experiences with your partner. A couple experiences a lot of happy and sad moments throughout their life together. Everything they endure together as a couple affects their body language as well as emotional state. Their story is written on their faces: even the wrinkles of a couple are formed in similar places.

6 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why Couples Eventually Start to Look-Alike

4) We Are Drawn to Those Who Look like Us

We are attracted to people who have facial similarities to us. It is called assorted mating, a presumption that suggests that people with the same phenotypes mate with each other more often. If they are alike, your child is likely to be very similar to both of you. Scientists trust this is how individuals try to pass their genes on to the next generation to the fullest.

5) The Same Immune Systems

Our immune system always reflects our lifestyle, as well as our physical exercise and our eating habits. Scientists concluded that partners who had been married for a long time had a very similar immune system, click here for more about healthy immune system. Perhaps this is why two couples usually share their habits as well as an overall lifestyle.

6) Reflection

Partners who are in tune usually reflect each other’s habits as well as body language. It proves that there are emotional comfort and faith in your relationship. Couples tend to modify their personal habits throughout their marital life. If one of them tried to quit smoking or any bad habit and started eating healthy foods, the other usually did the same. In spite of all the similarities and differences, the best thing you can do is fall in love with your special person again and again.