8 Ways to Avoid Dating Weirdos Online

If it is only that you like to cook nude or have a huge collection of vintage teapots, then that is fine, we agree with that we are talking about keeping away from the kind of people who will wait outside your house in a bush at 2 am. Or perhaps they appear on a first date as a completely different person, because they have used a stock photo of Brad Pitt on their dating profile. And by weirdos, we must clarify that we mean seriously strange.

Let’s be honest, that is one of the common things that keep people away from online dating, right? We feel like to live that dream of finding “the one” online, but if that means dating 27 scammers in the process we don’t want it. We pride ourselves on having a process that gets rid of much of this risk, but it doesn’t ever hurt to be cautious. Here are top tips to aid you to sharpen those detective instincts as well as separate weirdos from wonder:

Tip 1 – Take a Good Look at Your Profile Pictures

 An image says more than a thousand words, so take a good look at their profile images for clues. Do their shots look too nice to be true? An organized shot on white background may appear a little forced, and a blurred photo taken from a distance doesn’t reveal much. It is fine to see a variety of images in various situations, since this way you find an idea of ​​someone’s hobbies and interests.

Tip 2 – Conduct a Picture Search

Use Google Goggles to search their online dating profile picture and notice whether it appears anywhere online. When you see it on a website that advertises advertising toothpaste, then it’s likely to be fake. Unless your likely date is a tooth model, certainly.

Tip 3 – How Much Detail Do They Enroll?

Of course, you don’t need their complete life story right away, but one of the gifts, if somebody is not completely honest, is that they are usually lazy or don’t present away much. As a result, that is a positive sign if they go into some detail and have written decent length responses. You can visit https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/taxonomy/term/1127 to get more about online dating apps or social networking sites.

Tip 4 – Take a Look at Their Opening Paragraph

You can try searching for some sentences of it online if you don’t feel very personal. Many people just copy and paste the dating profile text from other places.

8 Ways to Avoid Dating Weirdos Online

Tip 5 – Don’t Leave from Your Dating Site Too Early

If someone is willing to carry your conversation via text message or email it can be flattering, but be careful not to give too much personal information too early. Consider setting up a generic email address only for your appointment emails that don’t provide any personal information. Click here for safe browsing dating apps.

Tip 6 – Ask Lots of Questions

We don’t say that you need to conduct an interrogation or anything but ask lots of questions to realize about them as well as their lives. A counterfeiter is perhaps been unwilling to go into too much detail as well as will want to ask you questions as an alternative.

Tip 7 – Are the Details Added Up?

For example, a man can say that he is 6 feet tall and then be photographed with a group of guys all taller than him. At this moment he might be spending a lot of time with basketball players, but those kinds of details raise red flags. Take a look at the facts and figures as well as ensure everything fits together.

Tip 8 – Pay Attention to the Language They Use

It seems that liars have some telltale signs that you can watch out for, such as fewer “I” users and phrases like “not bad” rather than good and “not boring” rather than exciting. Apparently it has to do with a reluctance to tell a blatant lie, in addition to a case of trying to avoid the truth.

Thus, there we go, those tips are our best tips. We believe you don’t have to use them at all, however, as all Boy Scouts know, it is great to be prepared!