Best dating apps to help you find love in corona

Since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic, almost every aspect of our lives has been affected. Finances, recreation, and interpersonal relationships have all been beaten by the long hands of coronavirus.

In these trying times, our only comfort is the internet. Yes! You do not need to practice any sort of social distancing. All you need to do is find engaging apps and sites on your mobile devices. Viola, 80% of your boredom is wiped away.

One of these interesting apps is dating apps. With these online dating apps, the lockdown does not have to mean the absence of love. Online dating apps are here to make things easier for people that are willing to find the love of their lives online. Know more here!

In a bid to assist you in your search for true love, we decided to put together a list of good online dating apps.

Ok cupid

This dating app is best for long-term relationships. On ok cupid, women need to initiate the conversation. They have to text first. This is probably because female texts are more liable for replies than male texts.

This app has a friendly user interface and is very easy to navigate. All you need to do is set up your profile and answer a few questions. With your answers, the app uses an automated algorithm to set you up with someone.

Price: $9.95 per month


The match app is best for people over 40. Although anyone can sign up as long as they are above 18. But, if you are over 40, there is no better dating app to use than Match.

Match is easy to use. Like Ok Cupid, all you need to do is sign up on the website. After which you would be asked to fill out a questionnaire. This app doesn’t use any special algorithm to matchmake people.

Price: $38.99 per month. No free trial available.


Tinder should be one of the most popular dating apps out there. Tinder is for quick hookups in areas around you.

With tinder, all you need is a name, email, and location. After which you are asked to fill in your bio and post a profile picture.

Price: free but has paid upgrades.

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If you’re looking to build healthy relationships, then bumble is the app for you. Bumble helps users create good connections rather than the usual romantic stuff.

Like Ok cupids, bumble also requires that women start the conversation. If the app math makes you with a woman, and she does not text you in 24hours? The match disappears.  All you need to do is sign up, create your profile, and search for a potential friend. The reason for your search can be more than friendship.

Price: free but offers a free upgrade.


These apps have been made to provide convenience and comfort for you. These online dating apps are very good but you have to make sure to protect personal information. Stay safe in these times; this too shall pass.